Why I'm doing a (kind of) solo trip through Europe / by Sara Warden

VFS Global reviews

VFS Global reviews

In April 2018 I was hired by an Ad Agency in Paris to complete a 6 month marketing internship. I was supposed to start in August 2018, but I was denied a visa by the French government. (A long story that involves a lot of French government offices, VFS Global, people, emails, and calls.) I had my flight already booked, so I decided to use it!

I leave tomorrow for 1.5 months of travel through Europe. I don't have much planned; only a 3 night stay at a hostel in Paris. My goal of this platform is to share my experiences as I travel through Europe. I'll share information about the places I go and what I do to hopefully help others who want to travel through Europe. 

I'm also doing my travels (mostly) alone. My sister is joining me for a week at the end of August and I am meeting a family friend for a little bit sometime in September. 

I plan to post photos, write posts and update the map of places I've been and where I'm going next. I'd love recommendations of places to go and see! Please feel free to contact me on this site, on Facebook, or Instagram!