The hills are alive in Salzburg - Austria Part II / by Sara Warden

The land of Sound of Music.

9/8: This morning I caught an early train to Salzburg from Bratislava which was a shit show. I have been using WiFi only and had less than 10 minutes to buy my connecting train ticket from Vienna to Salzburg. No worries - I made it. On my train I met some Americans who were working for CRU in Slovakia. They were nice to talk to. When I got to Salzburg I did some walking around the city and found an amazing view of the mountains from the Abby. I was in a 4 person dorm room in my hostel and I was supposed to share it with 3 guys from Germany who were in Salzburg for their friends stag party. They someone got on the roof and then got kicked out of the hostel. Later that night a guy from Australia came into my room.

9/9: In the morning the guy from Australia and I decided to hang out and see Salzburg. We saw pretty much everything and did a lot of walking. For lunch we had a classic meat and pasta dish. Around 1pm we bought a 6 pack and started to drink and people watch. We ended up photobombing people when they went to take photos with the Mozart statue. We went back to the hostel around 5pm and met a German couple at the hostel bar. Soon another American and 2 more Australians joined in. It was the American’s birthday today so we went to a beer garden for a few drinks. I mentioned to the German girl that I wanted to go hiking tomorrow and she ended up offering to drive some of us to a German mountain range to go hiking with them. I gladly accepted.

9/10, Germany, Schonav am Konigssee: The hike was so hard, but so fun and worth it. We ate sandwiches we packed on the trail and definitely had enough water. At the top we gad a great view of the lake. We stopped at a hut on our way down the mountain to see some Apple Strudel. We even saw someone get airlifted out of the mountains. We think they must have gotten stuck because they chose too hard of a route. I was so tired when I got back. I ate a whole pizza and then went to bed.

9/11, Salzburg/Bristol: This morning I woke with little to no voice. I did a little walking in the morning and then headed to the airport to catch my flight to Bristol.

Side note: From Budapest I was planning on heading up to the Tatra Mountains in northern Slovakida, but I waited too long and the hostel was full. I was still going to head that way, but it became too expensive. I need to be in Belgium on September 16th so getting the Belgium from the Poland area was too difficult. So I’ve decided to head to Bristol to see friends I met in Budapest!