Budapest drinking habits / by Sara Warden

9/2: Today I headed to Budapest from Vienna, Austria by bus. It was about a 3 hour bus ride. My hostel seems super cool and chill. I walked around the city when I arrived. Back at the hostel I met a girl from Australia named Sam. We played drinking games with the rest of the hostel at 7pm. Around 8:30pm we went to another hostel that had a bar; it was called Retox. We had to leave our hostel so early because the hostel is located on the top floors of an apartment complex and the Hungarian neighbors HATE the hostel and all the noice is makes. Anyway, at Retox Sam and I played a game called Flip Pong which was just a mix between Flip Cup and Beer Pong. After playing and talking I watched the infamous “Jager Train” where they line up 100s of Jager Bombs and trigger a dominos effect. Here’s an example:

After that I started hanging out with a girl from California who was leaving to go on a Tinder date with a Hungarian guy….The date was good and she’s alive and well working on her start up business in Budapest. After she left I hung out with Sam again and she introduced me to the guy she was talking to, Paul. Paul was hanging out with 2 girl friends from home and 2 Americans. This is where it gets cool…one of the girls was from Chicago and the other was from Madison, Wisconsin..AND lived in the same neighborhood as me. WHAT?! So cool. Anyway, after the bar we all went to the club. I got home late, but safe.

9/3: This morning I saw that a friend that I studied abroad with was in Budapest too. In the afternoon we met up, did a lot of walking, and got a beer. We stopped for a classic Hungarian dessert called, Kürtőskalács. Good luck saying that. It’s basically bread covered in cinnamon, with ice cream and other sweets on the inside. We got dinner that night too. I had a Hungarian dish called Chicken Paprikash. Back at the hostel I met another American from Florida. We hung out for the pregame and then at a different hostel bar called Grandio. Tonight we were going on a party boat river cruise thing. Walking to the boat I saw Paul and his friends, so on the boat I met up with all them and hung out with them for the rest of the night. The boat was fun - unlimited alcohol and pretty views of Budapest from the river. After the boat we went to a different hostel bar which wasn’t that fun, so we went to the club.

9/4: Today I met everyone I hung out with last night at the Gellert Baths. The baths were so nice and relaxing. Also cheap! They had outside and indoor pools, hot and cold baths, steam rooms, and saunas. A must if you ever go to Budapest. In the afternoon we headed back to there hostel and started drinking. That evening I didn’t hang out at my hostel. Instead I was at there’s where we drank at the hostel patio area. After, we decided to check out the open mic that the hostel was doing, which was nothing special. So we decided to go to another club. There they were playing some foreign music that I’m not used to called “Drum and Bass.”

9/5: Today I relaxed. A few of them got tattoos today. The girl from Chicago and the 3 from Bristol left today. Tonight I met the girl from Madison at her hostel where we had a drink and talked.

9/6, Budapest/Bratislava: My first sober day of Budapest to actually do something other than drink. I did a free walking tour and saw most the cities sites in Buda and Pest. I got some YUM pizza right next to a beautiful church. At 5pm I took the bus to Bratislava. Walking from the Bratislava bus station to my hostel was a bit sketchy, but I made it.