Austria Part I / by Sara Warden

8/31: Today I am in Vienna, Austria. This morning a did a lot of walking and saw some of the main attractions. I wish I did a walking tour today though. In the afternoon I edited photos at the hostel. I wasn’t feeling well so I just lied down for a while, watched a movie, and then slept.

9/1: It’s been raining all day. I haven’t left the hostel all day because of weather and I just really need to get some photo editing done. Tonight I’m going to a movie at one of the cities older theaters called Filmcasino. I saw an indie film, but I can’t remember the name of it. It wasn’t that good anyway. The theater was super cool and had a 70s feel to it. I sat next to an Austrian lady who started speaking to me and I just said, “Um sorry I don’t know what you’re saying.” She was asking if she could have some of my popcorn. I said sure and shared my popcorn with her for the rest of the film.