Sisters in England / by Sara Warden

8/13: After traveling alone for a few weeks it was nice to finally meet up with my sister. I met her at the London Victoria Station in a McDonald’s. Classic. That evening we did a lot of walking around the river and ended up eating dinner at a nice restaurant on the river. We went to bed early; Jenna had jet lag and I was tired from all the Italian heat (such a hard life, I know.)

8/14: The next morning we walked around some more and watched the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. In the afternoon we headed to London Victoria Station to catch a tour bus that was going to take us to Stonehenge. Stonehenge was interesting, but not at the same time. Interesting because of how they got there and no because they’re just big heavy rocks in a field on the side of the road. We took some amazing and funny photos with the stones.

8/15: Today we decided to go to Notting HIll to do a little shopping and to look at the different colored houses. After we did some classic tourist sights like Tower Bridge and the Shakespeare Globe. Jenna then took a nap in the park while I made plans for tomorrow.

8/16: Today we were off to Oxford. Something at the train station in Oxford was broken so we had to get off early and then take a bus into town. We did some shopping, saw the University of Oxford, the castle, and went in a museum. I think we pretty much saw it all in Oxford.

8/17: More tourist things today in London. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben (which was under construction so we could only see the clock), Covent Garden Market, M&M Factory (nuts), and Piccadilly Circus. We ate McDonald’s for lunch because it was one of the cheapest places to eat. After the long day we went back to the hostel and had a beer - well I had a beer and then drank half of Jenna’s. Tonight we are taking an overnight bus to Edinburgh, Scotland and I’m not looking forward to it.