Luck of the Ireland / by Sara Warden

8/23: Today was nothing special. We just had a lot of traveling.

8/24, Dublin: Today we slept in and then did the Hop On Hop Off bus tour around the city. There were two routes so we got to see almost all of the city. We stopped/drove past places like Trinity College, Guinness, the jail, some museums and the shopping area. We did a pub crawl tonight which was super fun. There was over 100 of us so we had to split into two groups. At the first bar we met two girls. One was from Austria and the other was from Sweden. At the next bar we had some classic Irish music and met two other girls from South Carolina. At the next bar we met two guys from Canada. They were fun and we hung out with them for the rest of the night. I even got to practice my French with them. The last bar we went to was my favorite because it had so many different rooms. On the top floor we found a really cool punk band the was playing, so we hung out there for the rest of the night.

8/25, Dublin: We slept in today and FaceTimed mom and dad in the afternoon. I did some travel planning and editing at the hostel today. Around 4pm Jenna and I started to walk to the Guinness Factory for a tour. On our way to Guinness the road was blocked off. We ended up waiting for it to reopen and got to see the Pope! No big deal. We then did the Guinness tour and had a pint of Guinness at the Gravity Bar. For dinner Jenna and I made some pasta and then went out to get drinks with some friends we made on the pub crawl.

8/26, Cliffs of Moher: This morning we had to be up so early to catch our bus to Cliffs of Moher and Galway. I slept a lot on the bus. The cliffs were super cool though! We ran into some people from our pub crawl at the cliffs. In Galway we had a 10 minute city tour and then had time to explore on our own. There wasn’t a lot to see though and the weather sucked. It was cold and rainy. We ate our packed lunches under some fancy Spanish Arches and then went to the shopping mall to hang out until it was time to leave.

8/27, Giants Causeway: We are up early again this morning. This time we were going to Belfast, Giants Causeway, and some rope bridge. The History of Ireland and Belfast is crazy. Our tour guide was jailed for 6 months because of his beliefs and support of the Republic of Ireland. He has friends that have died in the fight against England. Giants Causeway was super touristy, but very interesting. We did a hike above on the cliffs which had some great views and was worth going past the “closed” sign. The rope bridge was smaller than I expected, but was still cool and beautiful to walk across. Fishermen used to use this bridge according to Jenna’s research. When we got back to Dublin we met the guys from Canada at a bar to watch the soccer game.

8/28, Dublin: We went to a free art museum today and a free natural history museum. We also did a little shopping and Jenna got some souvenirs for family and friends.

8/29, Dublin/London: We were lazy this morning and just had to catch a flight to London at 1pm. We slowly made our way to the airport and then to the airport hotel. It was so nice to not stay in a dorm room!! We walked to the grocery store for some food and then watched TV.